• Is Stassi Schroeder [Unintentionally] Leading a Spiritual Awakening for Her Generation?

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    When Vanderpump Rules premiered nearly four years ago, I hardly thought that its lead star and queen bee, Stassi Schroeder, would have such an impact on my spiritual journey. Known for her quick wit, adorably bratty temperament and love of Pinot Grigio, Stassi quickly amassed a huge following on the show and social media. Millions of fans felt the void when she left the show in Season 3 to pursue a career that did not involve serving crispy chicken.

    That void was quickly filled when Stassi launched her podcast, Straight Up With Stassi, in the Spring of 2015. Quite possibly one of the smartest moves she could have made from a PR perspective, the podcast gave listeners the opportunity to get to know Stassi in a way the editors of Vanderpump Rules never allowed us to see. This larger than life TV persona was all of a sudden super relatable. Listening to her show was like listening to a friend. Best of all, she introduced us to a new group of friends not seen on ‘Pump Rules. And these women have a lot to share on different (read: metaphysical) levels than the usual pop culture discussions.

    The first of these friends is comedian Annabelle DeSisto, who – about halfway through her October 2015 podcast – started talking about her crystal obsession. She tried convincing a very skeptical Stassi on the power of using crystals to attract what you want into your life. In Annabelle’s case, this was love (she started dating someone a week after buying her first rose quartz) and success (got a call from E! to write for Fashion Police a week after purchasing a success stone). The more she talked about crystals, the more I knew I needed some in my life. This search led me to my healer, crystal dealer and teacher, Paulette Richard-O'Rourke. It was meeting Paulette that set my life on this new path.

    Once on this newfound path of spirituality, I started looking for other podcasts that discussed things like crystals and energy healing in an approachable way. Because I subscribed to Straight Up With Stassi, iTunes recommended the podcast That’s So Retrograde. This quickly became one of my favorite podcasts (check out The Crystal Method episode with crystal alchemist Katie Manzella), but it only aired once a week and I needed more (podcasts are the only thing that make Boston traffic bearable).

    This is where Stassi comes back into play through the introduction of her best friend from home, Sheena Mannina, the owner of the celebrity acclaimed New Orleans juice bar Raw Republic. She also happens to be an energy healer. Sheena had been a guest on Stassi’s podcast a few times and recently launched her own podcast, RAW talk with Sheena, which focuses on all things related to healing, spiritual development, nutrition, energy work and, sometimes, aliens. This was exactly what I was looking for (honestly, I felt like I manifested this podcast into my life).

    On RAW talk, Sheena is almost always joined by her good friend Amberleigh Carter, founder and owner of Kinection Holistic Health. As an aspiring energy worker, listening to these two is the one of the highlights of my week. Finally, here are two other people that speak my language. They talk about alternative healing in ways that everyone can understand, and I learn something new during every episode.

    Amberleigh met Stassi for the first time this summer and performed a healing session on her, which is recounted in the Straight up with Stassi episode titled, “Stassi has a Witch Doctor!” (give it a listen – she’s slowly coming around to all this energy “stuff”). The two hit it off immediately and, during their discussion, coined the term “Basic Witch”.

    The best way to describe a Basic Witch? Well...if you like crystals, count down the days until the return of Starbucks’ Pumpkin Spice Lattes and love all things Bravo, you might be a Basic Witch. The Basic Witch lifestyle is not an “all or nothing” thing – you can live what some consider a perfectly ‘basic’ life (for us Bostonians, that often involves breaking out our Bean boots and chunky scarves every fall) and still learn to heal yourself through alternative methods.

    Basic Witches are Everywhere!

    Maybe it’s because I run a business that caters to this group and am more aware of their growing presence, but the Basic Witch community seems to be growing by the day, as more young people start to explore alternative healing methods. Case in point: Sheena and Amberleigh have taken their healing sessions on the road, conducting energy work in major cities across the U.S. There has been so much demand for next weekend’s Boston sessions, they added a group healing session the following evening. This is amazing to see in a city like Boston, where energy work/crystal healing isn’t as commonplace as it is in cities like LA. 

    The healing duo also launched a Basic Witch apparel line (get yours here), which Stassi is helping to promote. It was encouraging to see all the Instagram comments from girls that had already purchased their shirts – be proud of your Basic Witch status! (Hey, if it’s good enough for Emma Roberts…)

    Emma Roberts Basic Witch

    Photo credit: @sheenamannina Instagram

    Sheena isn’t the only former guest of Stassi’s with her own podcast. Annabelle brought many of Stassi’s listeners to her new show, Adderall and Compliments. Katie Manzella, crystal healer extraordinaire mentioned above, was a recent guest. During this episode, Katie suggests five crystals that everyone should own. Before the show aired, Annabelle put together crystal kits similar to our own that she sold on her blog for listeners wanting to purchase Katie’s recommended stones. I was thrilled to see the excitement on Annabelle’s Instagram page from all the people interested in purchasing and learning more about crystals!

    Spreading the Light

    Turn on the news or pick up a paper and you’ll see firsthand how in need we are of more positive messages being shared in the media. In fact, during Gabby Bernstein’s Boston book tour for The Universe Has Your Back, she talked about the need for more light workers in the media. While I’m sure Stassi didn’t set out a year and a half ago with this mission, she’s unintentionally used her platform (and empowered her friends to launch their own platforms) to start introducing concepts such as energy work, crystal healing and, yes, even Tall Grays to a new generation in an approachable, digestible and...well, basic way.

    And this, Stassi Schroeder, is why you will forever be my favorite Bravolebrity!


    Recommended Listening for the Basic Witch:

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    RAW talk with Sheena – Episode 9 (MEDITATION // Sheena Guides Heart Opening Meditation)

    Straight Up with Stassi – 10/20/16 (Stassi records her phone conversation with her best friend)

    Straight Up with Stassi – 7/27/16 (Stassi has a Witch Doctor!)

    Adderall and Compliments – Episode 17 (with Katie Manzella)

    That’s So Retrograde – 2/13/15 (The Crystal Method)


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    • Caroline says...

      This is an EXACT explanation of how I found these podcasts, and indirectly how I found your website. All thanks to Stassi. Love it!!!! So much! xoxoxo from BOSTON!

      February 25, 2017

    • Melissa says...

      YES! This is literally a play-by-play to my life! #forevergrateful

      January 19, 2017

    • Beth Ann McDowell says...

      This. Is. Amazing. Beautifully written, perfect even. It sums everything up in an intelligent and well-thought out way, and is written by a clearly true blue Khaleesi. I love this!!!!

      January 19, 2017

    • Kelly Addington says...

      I love all 4 of these’s podcasts—- My weeks are 10x’s better listening to these’s informative podcast! Love all you gals keep up the good work! A++

      My fav is Adderall and Compliments, Stassi podcast and of course Raw Talk


      January 19, 2017

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