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    When my father was about ten years old, he was running around outside with his cousins when he fell and hit his head pretty hard. Not hard enough to require a trip to the doctor’s office, but hard enough that an egg quickly swelled up. Hard enough for my Sicilian grandmother to call a family friend, a person that my dad still refers to as a “witch doctor.” Of course, this woman wasn’t a witch in the traditional sense of the word. Well into her eighties, she was the mother of my grandmother’s friend and would visit my family’s home whenever someone was ill, bringing with her oils, ointments and remedies not commonly found in your medicine cabinet or local pharmacy. Despite her inability to speak a lick of English, she held the power to use her intuition and natural healing methods to cure the most common ailments.

    When I hear stories of this “witch doctor,” I envision the main character from the children’s book, Strega Nona – an older, single witch who casts spells and who children (and others) might find a little strange, even scary. Think about how witches have been portrayed throughout history – from the real-life Salem witches, accused of practicing the Devil’s magic, to fictional characters such as The Wizard of Oz's Wicked Witch of the West and the evil witch in Snow White. Being a witch hasn’t been something many people have identified with – until now.

    The Basic Witch Movement

    Today, Basic Witches are everywhere. In fact, we are so common that some may not even consider themselves one. The truth of the matter is, anyone on a path of self-discovery who is interested learning to heal themselves on a spiritual, mental, emotional and physical level and lives every day with intention could be considered a Basic Witch. Does this sound like you or someone you know?

    While we may not be casting spells and practicing Wicca, Basic Witches are dipping our toes in meditation, energy work, astrology, acupuncture, essential oils and crystals. We believe in the power of saging and moon phases. We also have a deep connection with ourselves. We believe in the concept that thoughts become things, and know we have the power to create the life of our dreams in partnership with the Universe. If you are reading this post, chances are, you are a Basic Witch too!

    The thing about being a Basic Witch is that sometimes you’re the only one in your group of friends who has discovered the magic that surrounds us every day. I’ve heard from so many of you that you have no one to talk to about this “stuff.” I also heard this from many of the people I met at the first-ever Basic Witch Supercourse. Young women from all over the country convened in New Orleans to learn more about spirituality, energy and release work, nutrition, and many other practices that will empower you to connect back to your true authentic self.

    Basic Witch Supercourse

    Sheena + Amberleigh at the Basic Witch Supercourse

    Basic Witch Trick for Raising Your Vibration

    One of my favorite exercises during the Supercourse was learning how to raise our vibration through the frequency of our feelings. Basic Witches Sheena Mannina and Amberleigh Carter educated the group on the concept that our feelings have an energetic equivalent, or vibration. Every person vibrates at a very subtle hertz frequency rate. For example, grief has a frequency of 75 compared to optimism, which has a frequency of 400. A frequency of 500 (love) or above (feelings of joy, peace, enlightenment and others) are the optimal range, not only for your physical health but also for optimizing the opportunities that are in resonance with a higher frequency. 

    You may be familiar with the concept that every thought we think and choice we make determines our frequency; that we are the creators of our world and everything we think, feel and express creates changes in the energy field around us. Thoughts are simply expressions of our feelings. When we think about something we love, we feel good on the inside, thereby raising our vibration. Getting to a high-vibe place means we need to replace old thoughts that are no longer serving us with better ones.

    Frequency of Feelings

    The “trick” we learned for raising our vibration was simple. Go ahead and give this joy work exercise a try.

    1. Grab a piece of paper or journal
    2. Write down 3 things under each of the following categories:
      • Activities that Bring You Joy
      • Joyful Smells
      • Characteristics of the Environment that Brings You Joy
      • Joyful Objects (person, place, thing)
      • Joyful Colors
    3. Review your list and answer truthfully – on a scale of 1-10, how often do you experience the joyful expressions you’ve written here?

    This was an eye-opening exercise, as I found that I rated the frequency of these experiences as a five. How was I ever going to create the life of my dreams if I was only experiencing true joy half of the time? After all, you have to be operating at a higher frequency to manifest more good things. If you are operating in a place of mere contentment, then you’ll continue to live in this same vibrational range.

    Today, I make a point to spend more time in these feelings of joy. On days where it’s not possible to walk on the beach, which was a major theme across most my answers (from activities, to smell to environment…), I will pop in my headphones and put on the beach sounds in the Calm meditation app. I’ve found that for me, it’s the quickest way to drop into my heart space and raise my vibration without physically having my feet in the sand.

    Doing more of what you love is a great – and easy – way to begin raising your vibration.

    Don’t Miss This Month’s Basic Witch Supercourse

    This joy work exercise was just one of many practical, hands-on sessions during the Supercourse that I still use every day.

    If you feel yourself being called by a power greater than yourself to transform your life, the second annual Basic Witch Supercourse is just a couple weeks away! Being held October 20-22 at Raw Republic’s ‘The Space’ (quite possibly one of the most beautiful spaces I’ve had the pleasure of stepping foot in), you’ll spend the weekend learning and deepening your knowledge of meditation, energy healing, nutrition and release work. You will undoubtedly be inspired to dig deep into what has held you back from manifesting your most joyful life.

    Basic Witch Supercourse The Space

    You’ll also meet and connect with people who share your passion and intrigue for the metaphysical world. You may find yourself meditating by the Mississippi or connecting to the earth, standing barefoot under a tree in Audubon Park. There’s even promise of a surprise guest (last year’s was quite a treat!). Just leave enough time in your schedule to stay for the live-taping of the Raw Talk with Sheena podcast!

    There are only a few spots left for this year’s Supercourse. For more info, email info@basicwitch.net or click here for the agenda and to register online.

    And don’t forget to enter the Basic Witch Survival Guide Giveaway on Instagram to win a $100 Moonlight + Sage gift card and the Basic Witch sweatshirt featured in this blog! Check out the Raw Talk with Sheena and Moonlight + Sage Instagram accounts for more details – winners will be announced on Tuesday, October 10.

    Basic Witch Giveaway

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