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Blue Apatite Bracelet [Manifestation, Hidden Knowledge, Positive Outlook]


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The Knowledge Stone 
Manifestation. Hidden Knowledge. Positive Outlook.
14kt gold-filled findings

Blue Apatite is a stone of manifestation attuned to the future, yet connects you to past lives. Because of its ability to help you access past-life information, Blue Apatite can assist you in understanding any karmic influences contributing to your current reality.

It deepens meditation and can be used as a dream stone, allowing you to find creative solutions to seemingly unsolvable problems. It lifts your spirits and lends a positive outlook and a hopeful attitude.

Affirmation: I open my inner eyes to the realms of hidden knowledge.

S/M bracelets fit wrists up to approximately 6½ inches and the M/L fits up to a 7½ inch wrist comfortably. Custom sizing available upon request, but may take additional time to process. Message the shop for details.

Healing crystals are meant only to complement medical treatments and not to replace them.