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Rose Quartz (Raw)


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These little nuggets of Rose Quartz have the energy of a gentle, loving hug. Rose Quartz has been called “one of the most important stones of our time.” This soothing stone is perfect for attracting love and reminding you to love yourself. It helps calm emotions that might be running high and enables you to release stress and tension.

Rose Quartz is one of the most important stones to use in meditation and to keep in your space, as its healing energies keep the energy of love in focus for all who live there. Keep one in each corner of your bedroom or meditation space. Put a piece of Rose Quartz on your desk at work to help ensure harmonious interactions with clients and co-workers.

In addition, when you give Rose Quartz to another person – even a stranger, there is an unspoken appreciation that reverberates through the Universe, as one more boundary is softened or dissolved.

This crystal belongs in everyone’s collection!

Priced per piece. Photos show sample size and color.