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*NEW* Eagle Eye Agate [Willpower, Support, Confidence]


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This is an early release item and does not come with a bracelet card. It is packaged in a Moonlight + Sage gift box.

The Transformation Stone

Willpower. Support. Confidence.

14 karat gold-filled findings

Symbolizing the eagle, this stone brings self-confidence to the wearer, giving a strong will and a supportive push forward. Eagle Eye Agate can inspire positive change and transformation, such as spiritual awakenings. It’s an excellent stone for attracting good luck and it’s said that when you wear Eagle Eye Agate, you can manifest results faster.

It's also a protective stone and guards against anything negative,

Affirmation: I have the power to create the transformation I want most in my life.

S/M bracelets fit wrists up to approximately 6½ inches and the M/L fits up to a 7½ inch wrist comfortably. Custom sizing available upon request, but may take additional time to process. Message the shop for details. 

Healing crystals are meant only to complement medical treatments and not to replace them.