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Introducing the New Moonlight + Sage Karma Collective

Posted by Keri Bertolino on

I’ve always appreciated handcrafted products, likely a product of growing up with a father who could make just about anything. Why buy a dollhouse when he could build me one of my own, paint it the color of our family home and even put wallpaper in every room himself? A plastic doll cradle from Toys R Us? No way. My dolls were rocked sweetly in a cradle made by my father in his wood shop. Even now, when I showed him a bed in the Pottery Barn catalog that I was planning to buy for the Cape house, he scoffed at the price, noting he could build that same bed himself. He found the plans online and went to work. And every time I look at the bed, my heart is full knowing the personal passion, attention to detail and love that went into making it.

Becoming a maker has only deepened my appreciation for handmade items of all kinds – and for the people who make them. Sure, you may be able to find a similar, mass-made product for less, but now I understand how much buyers’ support means to a maker.

As I’ve been thinking about expanding Moonlight + Sage’s product line to include even more products that will enhance your spiritual journey, I was reminded of all the skilled makers already creating such beautiful products. I want to be able to bring you the highest-quality, most ethically sourced handcrafted items possible. And what better way to do this than by partnering with these makers with shared passions to offer their products on

I’m excited to announce the Moonlight + Sage Karma Collective – a new area of our site where we’ll be curating products from like-minded makers. You’ll find these products in the Karma Collective tab, as well as within their respective categories, such as ‘Sacred Spaces.’

First Item Featured in the New Collective: Sage + Palo Santo Smudge Bundles from Ritualcravt

The first of our new products comes from Ritualcravt in Colorado. Ritualcravt has been handmaking beautiful Smudge Bundles for several years. California White Sage and sustainably sourced Peruvian Palo Santo are hand wrapped with Ritualcravt’s proprietary ‘4 Directions’ herb blend as well as a crystal. These bundles are perfect for clearing out energies first with Sage, and bringing blessings back in with Palo Santo (which is hand-split by Ritualcravt’s owner, Missy Rhysing).

Missy Rhysing Ritualcravt

Ritualcravt Owner Missy Rhysing inside her shop in Denver, Colorado

These Smudge bundles are great for your own use, and make gorgeous gifts as well! Check out these beautiful bundles, available now, and stay tuned for additional handcrafted products coming this summer!

If you're a maker interested in joining the Karma Collective, I'd love to hear from you! Please reach out at 

Ritualcravt Smudge Bundle

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