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What Will Be Your ‘Sliding Door’ Moment?

Posted by Keri Bertolino on

I’ve always believed that you are one decision away from a completely different life. Consider this notion for a moment and I’m sure you can think of major life decisions that have led you to where you are today. It may be where you went to college, what job opportunity you said yes to (or turned down), or the cross-country move you did or didn’t make. Every day we are faced with decisions that impact the direction of our lives. Sometimes we think those decisions are just coincidences or things that happen to us, but if you’re anything like me, you subscribe to the belief that there are no coincidences in life.

Do you remember the movie Sliding Doors? In it, we see what happens when Gwyneth Paltrow’s character misses her train by a split second – played out in parallel scenarios. In one scenario, her life stays on the same path. In the other, it changes completely – simply because of that missed train.

When I think back on my own life, I can easily see how major decisions like college and career choices shaped my life’s path. This has been on my mind a lot lately given the path I’m on today, at this very moment. There was that one decision that set my life on this spiritual path. It was the choice I made in late-2015 to seek out an energy healer (you can read more about this in my first blog post).

Little did I know at the time how much this one session would change the direction of my life. When I left my healing session, I felt better – more relaxed and hopeful than I had felt in a while. Over the next several weeks, I continued to feel happy…all the time. I began working with crystals, meditating and reading everything I could about energy work. A month later, I was taking crystal healing courses and became a Certified Crystal Healer. I wanted to be able to make other people feel as good as I felt working with crystals’ energies.

In July 2016, I launched Moonlight + Sage publicly with the intention of sharing what I was learning about energy healing with others who may be new to the idea. It’s through this endeavor that I’ve met so many incredible, like-minded people. I have had people tell me that Moonlight + Sage has changed their lives – opening their eyes to the power of healing energies. They are now on their new paths too – devouring Gabby Bernstein books, going to group meditations and learning how to heal themselves. I cannot put into words how much this has meant to me – seeing the impact I’ve had on others, the same way my healer had such an impact on me. I knew I was on the right path and had to keep going.

I soon found myself working toward my Reiki I and II certifications. I bought a healing table and started doing energy work on friends. People who were new to energy healing are now carrying and sleeping with crystals, and asking how soon we can do another session.

So, it’s with much excitement that I jumped at the opportunity to join Bow & Arrow Collective in Boston’s North End as the company’s resident energy healer! Bow & Arrow Collective is a boutique urban salon run by my friends Kellyn and Jill, who are all about good vibes (it’s even in the salon’s tagline: Good Hair. Good Skin. Good Vibes.). It is honestly one of my favorite places to be simply because of the people. Kellyn and Jill are two of the most amazing, high vibrational women I know, and they attract clients of the same caliber (you know what they say: your vibe attracts your tribe!).

These women are bringing a fresh and honest approach to beauty and wellness, while supporting the local economy by selling local artists’ goods in the salon (including Moonlight + Sage’s crystal candles!). I’m beyond excited that my path has led me to this opportunity! I know it’s just another of my ‘Sliding Door’ moments that will enable me to meet more wonderful people who can help shape the next phase of my life.

At Bow & Arrow, I’ll be conducting sessions that incorporate the healing vibrations of crystals with the Universal life energy of Reiki. While you relax to the sound of Tibetan bowls, I’ll open your chakras - your body’s energy centers - so the energy in your body starts to flow freely, allowing you to feel calm, happy, fearless and loved. There are so many benefits to open chakras (check out: 30 Benefits of Clearing and Balancing Your Chakras). Then, I’ll lay crystals on and around your body and let them do their work. Once done, we’ll finish with a full Reiki healing, which completely relaxes your whole body.

While everyone will experience different results in the days and weeks that follow, some common benefits include heightened intuition, increased ability to manifest what you want in your life, more self-confidence, clarity of mind and love of life.

Much like acupuncture, the benefits of energy work are cumulative. The more you work with healing frequencies, the more benefits you’ll experience. For me, it only took one session to set my life on a new path, as I continued working with crystals on my own and began healing myself.

If you’d like to book a Sunday session with me, just visit Bow & Arrow’s site to book online: (Can you think of a better way to prepare for the week ahead?)

I look forward to sharing the power of energy healing with you so you can experience firsthand the healing, love, joy and abundance energy work offers. 


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    I ❤ u and love your brand. Congrats

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