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Kyanite Bracelet [Communication. Chakra Alignment]


Stone of Connection

Communication. Chakra Alignment.

14 karat gold-filled findings

Blue Kyanite has a high vibration and creates very rapid transfers of energy. This stone opens psychic channels, enhances your ability to download information from higher sources, and can be used to open the third eye. It also acts as an energetic bridge, allowing disparate energies to gently move into resonance and find a common frequency. Kyanite has a calming effect and brings tranquility to those who wear it.

Affirmation: I cross the inner bridges which lead to my growth, opening to the etheric realms, the world of nature, and the land of the heart.

S/M bracelets fit wrists up to approximately 6½ inches and the M/L fits up to a 7½ inch wrist comfortably. Custom sizing available upon request, but may take additional time to process. Message shop for details. 

Healing crystals are meant only to complement medical treatments and not to replace them.