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RitualCravt Spell Bundle with Instructions


RitualCravt Spell Bundles are crafted in-house with ceremony and intention. Featuring a Palo Santo cleansing stick, RC's proprietary 4 Directions herb blend, vegan (and orangutan habitat safe and sustainable!) palm wax candle, and a crystal. Simple instructions on how to use this bundle are included, but we encourage you to customize it as you see fit. This bundle will provide provisions for a single ritual to bring energies to you -- love, abundance, health, blessings, protection…

Bundles are created with the intention that you put your own energy and intuition into the ritual, however they can be easily used by a beginner and are great for experienced practitioners alike.

Each bundle can vary naturally from 3-4″.

*Please note: crystals, herbs, and string color may vary. Quartz, Citrine, or Amethyst crystals are typically used to create the bundles.