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A Supermoon Ritual to Ring in the New Year

Posted by Keri Bertolino on

We are blessed to start 2018 with not one, but two supermoons lighting up the sky in January – the first occurring today – New Year’s Day! Unlike a regular full moon, a supermoon occurs when the moon reaches the point in its orbit when it is closest to Earth, making it appear bigger and brighter in the sky. The January 1 supermoon is also known as The Wolf Moon, which is associated with taking time for yourself to reflect. I can’t think of a more optimal way to spend the first night of the new year!

Astrologers are forecasting that January’s first full moon will set a mostly positive tone for the year ahead. It’s a year to bask in your personal empowerment and lay the foundation for an abundant 2018. With this in mind, I’ve created a short ritual that anyone can do – no magical tools required! However, you may want to tailor this as you see fit with your favorite crystals, oils, oracle cards…anything you want to include – just be guided by your intuition. There’s no “wrong” way to do this.

To start, find a quiet place where you won’t be disturbed. Light a candle or diffuse your favorite oils, grab a journal and take a few deep breaths, emptying your lungs completely each time until you feel calm and centered. When conducting moon rituals, I like to make my space as cozy as possible – even if it’s curled up on the couch with a fuzzy blanket, a hot cup of tea, relaxing music (check out the M+S Chill Mix on Spotify), a candle and my journal. Do whatever feels right to you. For each part of the ritual below, journal your answers to the questions posed.

Take a trip down memory lane. The full moon will be shifting into Cancer, which may make you feel more sentimental than usual. Think about the events and memories that bring you the most joy – the people, places, things, sights and smells. Thinking of these nostalgic memories will help raise your vibration – actually doing them will help keep you there. These may be simple things like cooking your favorite family recipe, hiking with your dog or working out with your favorite instructor. Or maybe it’s traveling to new part of the world and experiencing different cultures.

  • Looking back, what are the things that sparked the most joy for you?
  • How do you plan to incorporate more of these high-vibe experiences into your life in 2018?

Check in with yourself. Supermoons amplify the full moon’s reflective energy, making it a good time to reflect on and then release what is no longer serving you. With this year projected to be one of progress, what old patterns do you need to break to achieve your goals? Here are a few of the questions that Alyson Charles (aka RockStar Shaman) suggests journaling with this full moon:

  • Where do I hold myself back?
  • What is hindering my truth?
  • What habits do I use to distract me from staying focused, from being in my full power?
  • What limiting beliefs or victim-based stories do I tell myself?
  • In what areas of my life can I raise my standards (self-love, career, business/finance, communication, self-expression, relationships, inward practices, honesty, etc.)?

Pick a word, theme or mantra for the year. This is a good way to check in and remind yourself daily of your intentions and goals for the year. Whether it’s the “Year of Saying Yes” or the “Year of Self-Care”, we each have something we want to work on this year in order to become the best versions of ourselves. For example, maybe your word is “Opportunity” to remind yourself to look for and seize new opportunities as they present themselves.

Based on the journaling you did above, is there a word or theme that comes to mind – one that can keep you focused throughout the year? Or perhaps a mantra that you can use in your meditation practice?

If you can’t settle on a mantra, some of these power statements from Melissa Ambrosini may help get your creative juices flowing:

  • I know myself best; I am my own guru.
  • Abundance in all areas of my life is truly possible.
  • The quicker I can let something go and return back to love, the better for all.
  • Life flows when I flow.
  • The world doesn’t benefit from me playing small.
  • Trust life.
  • The world needs my light and love.
  • I am not here to suffer. I am here to shine.

When you are done journaling, take a few more deep breaths repeating your word, theme or mantra to yourself. Thank yourself for showing up, doing the work and being committed to making this your best year yet.

I hope this ritual helps you prepare for an amazing year ahead. For now, enjoy all the beautiful supermoon energy tonight. And remember to charge your crystals!

Wishing you all balance and peace in the New Year.








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