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Astronomical Autumn: How to Celebrate the Equinox

Posted by Keri Bertolino on

While Labor Day marks the ceremonial end of summer, the official change of seasons won’t happen until the fall equinox, which this year falls on September 22 at 4:02pm Eastern. The equinoxes, along with solstices, are directly related to the seasons of the year.

Seasons occur on Earth because the planet’s axis is tilted with respect to its orbit around the sun. But during an equinox, which happen twice a year, the tilt effectively vanishes as the Earth's equator passes through the center of the Sun. During this time, the night and the day are almost equal in length, signifying that the balance between light and dark is shifting. In Latin, the word equinox is composed of two words meaning "equal" and "night."

As the days get shorter, it’s important that we find balance in the dark and light energies within each of us. This is a powerful time of both reflection and thinking about what you want in the future. Rather than let the equinox come and go, use this time to find stability, strength and alignment. Here are a few ideas for celebrating the equinox:

1. Start a Gratitude Journal. Although Thanksgiving falls in November, many cultures see the equinox as a time to give thanks (fun fact: Thanksgiving used to be celebrated on October 3 – closer to the time of the equinox). During this month’s equinox, make a gratitude list or, better yet, start a gratitude journal (Middle Dune’s moon phase jotters are the perfect size!). Practicing gratitude is a simple way to raise your vibration and attract more abundance in all areas of your life.

2. Create a Fall “Bucket List.” The fall equinox is an opportunity for both reflection and practical forward thinking. Create a list of things you’d like to do this fall – maybe it’s apple picking or hiking through the foliage, or starting that book you’ve been wanting to write or taking an energy healing workshop. Now is the time to take action.

3. Restore Balance in Your Home. Spring cleaning isn’t just for Spring! I love doing a deep cleaning at the start of each season. As you look to restore balance in your home, decluttering makes space for the new season and for all the things you’re manifesting!

After you physically declutter, clear the energy of your space. Burning sage, Palo Santo or sweetgrass (or a combination of the three) will rid your home of stagnant energy and bring blessings into your dwelling.

4. Create a Crystal Mojo Bag. Crystals are a great tool to help bring in the earth’s energy, open your heart to abundance, and mentally prepare you for the winter months ahead. Create a small mojo bag that you can easily carry with you with grounding root chakra stones such as Red Jasper, Garnet and Rhodonite, as well as Jade and Aventurine, which open your heart to abundance. And with all the craziness the upcoming holidays bring, stones like Lapis Lazuli and Sodalite will help deliver mental clarity.

Crystals that are symbolic of this time – a time when nature reaches fulfilment – are those that have inclusions or blend more than one type of crystal such as Snowflake Obsidian, Ametrine, Azurite/Malachite, banded Agates and Tourmalated Quartz, among others.

5. Meditate on Balance. As I mentioned, the equinox is a time of balance, when there are almost equal hours of darkness and light. If you're feeling a bit “off” spiritually, try a simple meditation like this one to restore balance into your life. If you can, meditate outdoors while soaking in the beauty that surrounds you. Use essential oils like ginger, cardamom, cinnamon and clove, sandalwood, patchouli and fennel to enhance your meditation.

Whatever you decide to do, taking some time out of your everyday routine to intently transition with the seasons will help keep you balanced, strong and secure as you finish the year!

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