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New Moon in Aries 2018: A Time for Transformation

Posted by Keri Bertolino on

Buckle up, witches – the first New Moon of the astrological new year is in the fiery sign of Aries and it’s going to bring about some powerful changes! Since the last New Moon in March, we may have noticed more than ever the things that are no longer working for us. This is the Universe challenging us to get our priorities in order and Sunday’s New Moon is just the astrological detox we need to do it!

As we usher in the extremely dynamic Aries Moon, we’ll start to recognize the changes we need to make in order to bring more balance into our lives. To start, we first need to recognize what’s been coming up for us over the past month. What areas, attitudes and situations do you need to break free from? This could be your attitude toward a friend or family member or feeling the need to pack it all up and start over somewhere new. No matter what it is, this is the ideal time to focus your intention on positive change.

As YouTube Astrologer Kathy Rose shares, we’re all going through a bit of a metamorphosis or transformation right now, similar to when a caterpillar turns into a butterfly. This rebirth is taking place on a personal level for us all and will only intensify with the New Moon. We’ve been dealing with Mercury retrograde for several weeks now and it finally goes direct on the same day as the New Moon. Meanwhile, we have Mars transit in Capricorn, giving us practical/motivational/business-like energy that helps us release stagnation – emotionally, mentally, physically and spiritually. This is a good time to take physical action, such as rearranging furniture or removing physical items from your home. It is also the time to change the way we think and take note of our daily habits and guide them into more positivity. There is so much potential with this New Moon for a renewal.

Be open to Universal guidance. Look for signs of encouragement and trust that you are supported by the Universe. According to Forever Conscious, it may take time before we can really understand how best to implement these positive changes. This due in part to Mercury going direct on the 15th. While Mercury direct should shed some light on things, it may take a week or so to process any new information – be patient, friends.

Speaking of patience, this New Moon may bring about some very volatile energy. As with any astrological pattern, we have free will and choice. We can choose to get angry, frustrated, irritable and critical. We could choose to bathe ourselves in negativity during this high energy period. We can also choose to use this electrical energy to propel ourselves forward, to make a change in our basic nature – a change to be positive in a new way.

This is the time to think big and be courageous in our pursuits! Change is in the air and will ignite our personal growth and help us discover new parts of ourselves. There is so much potential with this New Moon – let’s embrace it and use it positively! 

New Moon Blessings,


If you’re looking for a ritual for Sunday, check out this one from Forever Conscious:

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