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Vision Boarding to Make the Law of Attraction Work for You

Posted by Keri Bertolino on

Vision boards work. Don’t believe me? I put pictures of Italy in my vision journal in early 2016, knowing that an international trip wasn’t in the budget and it would likely be a couple of years before we could experience Italy the way we wanted to. Not long after, my boyfriend came home from an event where he won a trip to Italy. A few weeks ago, as I was working on my 2018 vision board, I cut out a photo of Emma Roberts (#goals), as she is the ultimate Basic Witch – the ‘everygirl’ who just happens to love crystals and spirituality. That same night, she liked one of Moonlight + Sage’s Instagram photos. I also put the words “Rescue Dogs” on this year’s vision board, not knowing where I’d find time to help a rescue organization, even though I believe this is one of my soul’s purposes. When I was approached to do workshops throughout Boston this year, someone mentioned that I could donate a portion of the proceeds to charity – ah ha! That is how I would fulfill my “Rescue Dogs” vision this year – by monetarily supporting the organization that I’ve helped in the past, but can no longer fit into my schedule, until I have more time to give them.

These are just a few examples of the many ways I know the Universe is listening, delivering the things and experiences I want, and pushing me closer to my goals. Did I wake up one day as Emma Roberts – no, that wasn’t the goal (we have to believe that there is possibility of these goals actually happening, after all). Have I gotten a lot of new Moonlight + Sage customers and Bow & Arrow clients this month who are very Emma Roberts-like? You bet I have! 

One of the major reasons vision boards work is because they help us get clear on what it is we really want. By creating something that clearly displays what you want and how you want to feel – and putting it somewhere you’ll see it daily – you end up doing short visualization exercises throughout the day. The Law of Attraction works by magnetizing the things you’re focused on and using a vision board will help you hone in on exactly what that is. 

What to Do with Your Vision Board

Once your board is done, make a list of some of the actions you’re going to take to start making these visions come to life. For example, I’d love to get new floors in the bedrooms in my Cape house. Rather than keep telling myself I can’t afford do them and that carpet is fine for the time being, I ordered flooring samples so I could start picking out the exact color flooring I’ll be getting when this wish manifests. I don’t know how it will manifest – and that’s the secret. Don’t worry about the “how.” I just need to focus on how it’s going to feel walking into the room with all new flooring. Going back to the Italy example above – I didn’t just sit around waiting to go to Italy. I took Italian lessons to prepare for my trip (even though a trip hadn’t even been planned yet). Manifesting is like putting your destination into Waze – you don’t know how you’ll get there (that’s what the GPS is for), but you’ll never get there if you don’t put the car in drive. Do your part and meet the Universe halfway.

New Moon Vision Board Party at Bow & Arrow!

If you’re interested in learning more about the art of manifesting through vision boards and creative visualization, join us on Sunday, April 15 for a New Moon Vision Board Party at Bow & Arrow. The New Moon in Aries the night of April 15 kick starts the astrological New Year, making it an ideal time to manifest. During the workshop, I will teach the important elements of manifestation and creative visualization while participants create their own vision board.

All supplies will be provided, but workshop participants are encouraged to bring magazines, catalogs and photos for their boards (we will also have plenty of materials to choose from). We only have room for 8 participants, so if you’re interested, register at (click on Book and then Classes at bottom of screen).

Event proceeds will be donated to an organization near and dear to my heart, Animal Rescue Konnection (ARK), and will pay for one week of boarding for a homeless dog while ARK finds their forever home. It’s the Year of the Dog, after all!

Hope to see you there!



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