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The Moonlight + Sage Holiday Shop Is Here!

Posted by Keri Bertolino on

There’s a saying that ‘done is better than perfect.’ This concept has always been a tough one for me to grasp, as I like to make sure everything is *just right* before considering it final. It’s one of the reasons it has taken me so long to relaunch Moonlight + Sage since moving to the Pacific Northwest two years ago.

I had always intended on coming back to the business once I was settled in my new home in Seattle but shortly after arriving, I landed my dream job and it required a lot of my time and attention. I was also busy having fun getting to know my coworkers, exploring a new city, and trying to disprove the notion of “the Seattle freeze” (verdict: it’s real!). Life was busy and full, and I’d often look at the unpacked suitcases full of crystals and gold and wonder when I’d find the time to turn back to them. I knew I wanted to continue with M+S, but wasn’t entirely sure what I wanted it to become -- retail, healing services, or even spiritual coaching. There were so many possibilities that it seemed overwhelming to even consider, especially when I was still trying to start a new life in a new city.

Then, a few months ago, I started working with a life coach in a small group setting. We meet every Monday night via Zoom to crystallize our goals and the steps we need to take to achieve them. Week after week, I witnessed other members of my group experiencing incredible wins -- launching online businesses when their livelihoods were threatened by the pandemic, for instance, or even manifesting their ideal new clients. I realized I could keep letting myself feel overwhelmed or I could face the challenge head on and do something about it. After one particularly inspiring session, I started thinking about the future of Moonlight + Sage and had a breakthrough: I realized my vision for the company.

Last week, our homework assignment was to write out five small steps we’d take in working toward our dream. Well, I took that assignment to heart and once I got started, I couldn’t stop. Within a few days, I had ordered everything I needed to get M+S back up and running, completely redesigned the website, and made over 100 bracelets so I could get them out in time for the holidays. Sometimes, all you need is that ‘ah-ha’ moment, and working with a coach gave me the clarity I needed to have mine.

Is the new site perfect? Well, with less than a week to launch, I didn’t have time to hire a photographer, so I took all the product photos on my iPhone. Rather than have a designer work on my site so it has all the bells and whistles, I did what I could within the confines of a Shopify template. It’s not perfect, but it’s done. And it’s exciting to feel that spark of joy again -- the very same feeling I had when I first launched M+S more than four years ago.

I’m so excited for you to see the new bracelets that are launching today -- I even have two early releases in there for those M+S die-hards who already have the entire collection (you know who you are!). I know you’re going to love the gentle energy of the Kunzite bracelet, the glimmery sheen of the Blue Tiger Eye and Eagle Eye Agate, and all the other new stones in the shop. To say I’m obsessed with the new holiday bracelets would be an understatement. I even brought back some of the old favorites in a new form, like the new Matte Black Onyx bracelet. 

I’m also bringing back the Custom Crystal Kit offering that was so popular a few years ago. Tell me a little about your recipient, and I’ll hand-pick six crystals and include a carefully curated note with their healing properties. These are really thoughtful gifts for friends, family, and teachers.

The Moonlight + Sage Holiday Shop opens today and, while it’s not perfect, it’s done (for now) and I’m excited to share the vision for the company in the coming months.

Until then, I hope you all have a safe and happy holiday!

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